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Summer Camps

Academic Summer Camps

Bethel's Academic Camps provide campers, from ages 11 – 15, with the opportunity to explore the vast world of Academics. Our camps are run by college professors who have significant experience and expertise in their respective fields that they are channeling into a fun, hands-on experiential learning format.

Art Camp

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Registration Deadline: Two weeks prior to each camp. If space is available, late registrations will be accepted up to the first day of camp for an additional $10.00 fee.

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Registration for 2014 Academic Summer Camps will open on March 1, 2014.

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Science Academic Summer Camps (July 7-11)

Food Fun!

Beth Kroa
Assist. Professor of Chemistry, Physical Sciences Dept. Chair

Food, glorious food! We all need to eat, but how do chemists help create our food? Learn how food chemists analyze the snacks we eat. We’ll measure the content of sugar, vitamin C, iron, and calories in different food items. Chemical tests will be used to determine whether a food contains carbohydrates, fats, or proteins. We’ll simulate digestion (Ew!), looking to see how our bodies do their business! Have fun exploring the types of chemicals and nutrients in our food!

July 7-11 9 a.m. – noon 5th-8th grade (completed) $125

Anatomy Camp

Vicki DeBolt
Assist. Professor of Biology

Your body contains as many cells as there are stars in the sky - that makes you a universe to explore. We’ll peer through microscopes to view cellular organelles and observe how cells come in different shapes to perform different purposes. Then on to how cells join together to form tissues. Dissecting fetal pigs, cow eyes, sheep hearts and cats will teach us about organs and organ systems. Running common laboratory tests on safe, synthetic body fluids will teach us basic physiology, let us diagnose common illnesses, extract DNA, and more!

July 7-11 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. 5th-8th grade (completed) $125

Fine Arts Academic Summer Camps (July 14 – 18)

Youth Gospel Choir

Zachary Gillis
Bethel College Gospel Chapel Band and Gospel Choir Leader

The Bethel College Youth Gospel Choir Camp is an exciting gospel choral ensemble that reflects the artistic ability of youth. We strive for excellence in leading youth to sing Jesus’ message of salvation. This camp emphasizes the development of vocal skills, group singing and choreography through diverse musical styles including gospel, contemporary, hip hop and songs from other cultures. Boys and girls will make a joyful noise while developing skills in fun and meaningful ways that will serve them during their school years and beyond. Campers will enjoy this all-day camp of singing, music and activities. Snacks will be provided, but students should bring a sack lunch.

July 14-18 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. 5th-8th grade (completed) $250

Spot the Animals!

Kevin Drury
Assist. Prof. of Applied Mathematics

Spot the fascinating animal life at Bethel College! We’ll use nets (supplied) to collect insects, visit the college’s native prairie, and monitor insect diversity. Next, we’ll use binoculars (supplied) to explore bird life in the oaks, wetlands, open lawns and the prairie. Third, we’ll discover mammalian wildlife, and conduct animal behavior studies. Finally, we’ll explore Bethel’s ponds for abundant life (dress appropriately!). Bethel College’s campus is alive with wildlife! Come and explore with us!

July 7-11 9 a.m. – noon 5th-8th grade (completed) $125

Theater Camp

Deb Swerman
Theater Instructor

Do dramatic scenes get you wondering how actors create characters? Do you enjoy trying on different personalities? Do you love acting out scenes among family and friends? Maybe you just want to build confidence and make new friends? Then theater camp is for you! Join us this summer as you learn techniques that theater actors use to perform on stage to the delight of audiences. As you build on your own natural creativity, we will explore different aspects of theater, from improvisation and script work to short scenes and playlets. We will perform for an audience at the end of the week, as we introduce you to the spotlight of the stage! Campers will enjoy an entire day of acting and other activities. Snacks will be provided, but students should bring a sack lunch.

July 14-18 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. 5th-8th grade (completed) $250

What a Character

Jennifer Ochstein
Assist. Professor of Writing

Create characters that jump off the pages of your short story or novel! This creative writing camp will help students create memorable characters that seem to live and breathe on the page. Use your imagination while learning the techniques of professional writers as you craft characters your readers won’t soon forget!

July 14-18 9 a.m. – noon 5th-8th grade (completed) $125