Summer Institute for Teachers

Each summer Bethel College offers the Summer Institute for Teachers, a three-day learning experience for educators. Participants hear about different topics and can earn up to 18 professional growth points or three graduate credits.


Topics in recent years        

Day 1 - Technology Playground

Where does a teacher begin with all of today’s technology? How do we make technology work harder while we work smarter?  This workshop provides participants a framework to begin their technology integration plan through the SAMR model or TPACK. Participants will explore different learning management systems, proven apps for the classroom, and an opportunity to redesign a lesson that integrates technology, no matter the level of the educator or device in the classroom. Participants will leave this session with a few quick and easy ways to use technology in their classroom to not only engage students but to provide teachers with data and feedback in an efficient manner. 

Day 2 - Growing Achievement through Student Engagement

This highly interactive day equips educators with tools for engaging students and establishing strong developmental relationships.  Participants will explore the latest research on Grit and personality traits such as curiosity, conscientiousness, self-control, confidence, creativity, perseverance, resilience, and hardiness that make up 40-60 percent of difference in academic outcomes.  Research shared will be combined with activities and initiatives to increase understanding and practice of dynamic engagement strategies to connect with students to increase motivation, emotional attachment, and learning goal orientation. 

Day 3 - Rigor through Relevance - Project Based Learning

Fight apathy with authenticity! Project Based Learning is a structured approach to develop a student-centered classroom that engages academic standards through real-world interactions with community partnerships. Students are transformed into life-long learners through skillful facilitation that guides students through their own inquiry. Participants will leave this session with resources, stories and data to back up why PBL is critical for education to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the workforce.

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