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A Message from the President

Gregg Chenoweth

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The first year of anything is exciting and challenging – the first year of life, school, marriage, and yes, my first year as Bethel’s seventh President. I was excited and challenged to sustain the good work of my predecessors, and to work with our community in determining what might constitute “Bethel 7.0.”

By spring 2014, we determined the way forward -- five institutional priorities and dozens of strategies in our GREATer Agenda: 2014-2018. We’re now well underway!

Grow. A GREATer Bethel will grow the student population. The value is that we can’t influence students we don’t have.   (Progress Points: since fall 2013, enrollment is up slightly in undergraduate transfers, adult and graduate programs, and online format students; launched 2CU program to cut costs in half for families struggling the most financially.)

Revival. A GREATer Bethel creates conditions for the spiritual revival of our people. The value is, because times are tough, if ever people need to be in touch with and touched by God, it is today! (Progress Points: commissioning and blessing ceremonies, video testimonies of life transformation, and more than 100 one-on-one “discipling” relationships).

Earn an encore. A GREATer Bethel surprises those who serve with creativity and excellence, such that they want more. The value is we work as unto God in all things, and can excel even in hidden things. (Progress Points: 24-hour-delivery of interlibrary loan books; maintenance service response within 15 minutes; all online programs designed around U.S. News & World Report award-winning criteria).

Aesthetics. A GREATer Bethel repairs or replaces campus features that diminish our influence. The value is not to strive for “spectacular,” but acknowledge that look, feel, and style affects learning, communicates institutional values, and reflects who we are. (Progress Points: renovation of the east entrance at Liberty Drive with estate fencing, signage, lamp posts; nearly $8 million in pledges raised during the first year of our Agenda for future projects.)

Testify. A GREATer Bethel testifies more robustly to what God is accomplishing among us. The value is not boastfulness, but to bear witness to the world all the good things we have in Christ. (Progress Points: semi-annual brochures mailed to 20,000 people, itemizing successful outcomes of students, faculty, and alumni; campus banners reflecting our competitive strengths; office staff taking positions in community organizations; website renovation.)

Those are some firsts. They will lead to seconds. If these priorities and values mirror your own, please pray for our success, refer students, and financially support these efforts in accordance  with your ability. God has already helped Bethel be great for years. May he renew his favor  2015! 

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