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About Bethel

Fine Arts

The goals of the music and theatre departments are:

  • to provide knowledge of the representative achievements in selected areas of the fine arts
  • to develop skill in the technique of a major performance area
  • to inspire an appreciation of the arts as a cultural influence
  • to develop poise through participation in fine arts activities
  • to foster a knowledge of the art forms used in worship.

How We Can Serve You

The music department offers the following groups available to your church for concerts or special day celebrations:


  • The Concert Choir

    – 574.807.7575
    This group numbers about 85 and sings at a variety of musical functions.
  • The Collegians

    – 574.807.7575
    This show choir performs at community functions and banquets.
  • The Voices of Triumph

    – 574.807.7575
    This acappella group of 10-12 students performs sacred and secular music at a variety of occasions, i.e. banquets, dinners, concerts and churches.
  • The Music Ministry Teams (Gospel Teams)

    – 574.807.7824
    Music Ministry Teams are available for church services and special events
    throughout the year.
  • The Jazz Band

    – 574.807.7575
    The Jazz Band tours each year and is available for special events or concerts.
  • The String Quartet

    – 574.807.7575
    This group is available on a limited basis for special occasions, i.e. weddings, banquets, dinners, and church services.
  • Marilyn Ham / Artist in Residence

    – 574.807.7246
    Mrs. Ham is available for sacred piano concerts and workshops.
  • Artists

    are available for master classes, school performances, community performances and workshops – 574.807.7575


The theatre arts department offers a drama troupe for scheduling at your church, as well as on campus productions:

  • The Genesians – 574.807.7745
    The Genesians are a religious drama troupe with the serious intent of presenting spiritual truths through the medium of drama.  In the last 33 years, the troupe has given almost 1,000 performances in churches and assemblies in the United States and Canada.  The Genesians drama troupe is comprised of about ten students.

    The Genesians motto:  Be proud enough to give nothing but your best, but be humble enough to give that best for one person.
  • Theatre Productions – 574.807.7745
    There are on campus productions available throughout the year.  You may call our ticket office or e-mail us for more information.

*There are no fees associated with hosting any of these groups.

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