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About Bethel

Religion & Philosophy

The school of religion and philosophy desires to help students:

  • develop a style of service and ministry which cares for the full range of human needs
  • equip themselves for immediate ministry vocations in churches, para-church organizations, etc, by balancing biblical and theological education with the practical skills necessary for ministry
  • build the necessary foundation on which to pursue theological education at the graduate level
  • develop interpersonal relationship skills that reflect biblical values
  • learn how to study the Bible and to relate its message to today’s world
  • acquaint themselves with the major philosophies and religious systems of the world
  • prepare themselves for ministry, especially within the Missionary Church, or the student’s own denomination, with an awareness of the Body of Christ.

How We Can Serve You



  • Should you ever need a special speaker or teacher for your church, many of our twenty-some faculty members are available to speak or conduct seminars/workshops in a variety of forums.  Call our office or visit our website and read about their areas of interest and expertise.

Youth Ministry Interns

  • Youth ministry students are available to serve as interns for your youth program.  Call or e-mail for further details.

Fax: 574.807.7953
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