Sign Language Interpreting

Bethel College invites you to join our department and become a professional sign language interpreter!



We will teach you how to work with the Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing communities, including servitude and partnership. The Department of Sign Language Interpreting’s bachelor-level program, established in 1995, is a rigorous and rewarding educational adventure. Through this program, our students explore and immerse themselves in the culture and community of Deaf people, acquire their language of American Sign Language, and learn interpreting skills. 

We are proud of our 93-percent employment rate for our graduates and our 100-percent pass rate on the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf’s national written exam. These statistics are valid evidence that our graduates are ready to effectively serve as professionals. 

Come and visit us! Here at Bethel College, education is a life-giving, integration process. You will see classes taught by a team of Deaf and hearing professors, students interpreting chapel sessions, and a real sense of the camaraderie among students. Come and join a career that will bring you into a whole new world! 

Angela Myers, M.A.

Associate Professor of Sign Language Interpreting

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