Programs: Graduate in Ministry & Theology

Master of Arts in Ministry (M.A.MIN)

This is a 36-hour program that can be completed in two years. The student can take a mix of any 18 hours, plus 18 required hours. Seven-week courses are the primary format, with some 3-day intensives and a growing catalog of online courses. Independent study and guided readings are also available with approval. This program establishes a customized, strong foundation for ministry and further graduate and ministerial training based on the students’ needs.

Master of Arts in Theological Studies (M.A.T.S.)

The Master of Arts in Theological Studies is a 60-hour program that can be completed in two years or over a longer period of time. It features courses from three major areas: Biblical Studies (BBST), Church Ministry (CHMN), and Theology, History, Ethics & Society (THES) plus a wide array of electives. In this program and in the Master of Arts in Ministry, courses are offered in a convenient seven-week format, although some 3-day intensives are offered, along with online options. Summer courses are also offered. Certain courses in the Bethel College Master of Arts in Ministry program can apply toward the MATS. This program establishes a strong foundation for ministry and prepares a student to go on for further graduate and ministerial training.

Ministry/Theological Studies at The Chapel in Ft. Wayne

Providing graduate coursework at The Chapel is an opportunity developed by Bethel College through The Chapel in coordination with Fort Wayne Youth for Christ, Lifeline Homes, and the New Covenant Church.

Graduate study at Bethel College can lead to a Master of Arts in Ministry degree (36 hours) or a Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree (60 hours). These are professional academic degrees for persons involved in various kinds of Christian ministry. The courses can also be taken on a “special student” basis for those who wish to keep up on current theory/practice in biblical studies, Christian ministry, theology, history, ethics and society. Undergraduates may also enroll for undergraduate credit or advanced standing in the M.A.,Min./M.A.T.S programs.

At the conclusion of two years, with coursework offered at The Chapel and the Bethel College campus, it is possible to have completed all the requirements for the Bethel Master of Arts in Ministry degree. At that time the graduate student will be in a position to continue his/her graduate education and register for courses that will apply toward the Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree if that is desired. These courses are transferable toward an advanced degree at other institutions.

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Ministry/Theological Studies in St. Joseph, Mich.

Both undergraduate and graduate coursework is offered in St. Joseph, Michigan at First Church of God. All four degree programs are available: Associate in Arts in Bible & Ministry; Bachelor of Arts in Bible & Ministry; Master of Arts in Ministry; and Master of Arts in Theological Studies.

Students enrolled at the St. Joseph location may also take online courses or courses offered at the Mishawaka, Ind. campus.

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  • Completed Admission Application.
  • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Interview with program director.
  • Biographical sketch of 300 words covering your history, personal religious faith, why you are taking graduate studies, and why you selected Bethel College.
  • Three Graduate Reference Forms from your pastor or qualified spiritual mentor, former professor or teacher, and another person who is not your relative.
  • Completed Financial Aid Application.

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