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Course Descriptions

* All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.

MBAD 503 Management in Action back to curriculum
Development of skills in inter- and intra-personal management. Study of group processes, team building, problem solving and relations among persons of different cultures. Application of management concepts for personal and organizational goal setting and planning.
MBAD 506 Global Business Environment back to curriculum
Examination of problems and advantages of conducting business on a multi-national and global scale. Study of geographic, sociopolitical and cultural factors that shape organizational success when doing business abroad. Awareness of agencies in, structures for and consequences of, doing business internationally.
MBAD 509 Statistical Methods for Business Decisions back to curriculum
Procedures for data collection and interpretation. Survey of statistical techniques useful in making business decisions. Analytical tools for studying problems in production, forecasting, finance, marketing and organizational decision making.
MBAD 513 Marketing Strategy & Policy back to curriculum
Study and application of how needs-heterogeneity in persons and organizations can be identified and served profitably. The roles of total quality management and integrated customer service are developed in conjunction with consumer behavior, market research and management of marketing activities. Working in teams, participants develop a market assessment and marketing plan.
MBAB 515 Financial Accounting back to curriculum
An introduction to the accounting process used to measure and report the economic events affecting enterprises. It will include a review of the construction of financial statements, expanding to an interpretation and analysis of these statements. The implications of alternative accounting method choices will be examined. The uses of financial statement data are related to the needs of investors, managers, and other interested users.
MBAD 516 Managerial Accounting back to curriculum
Concepts and procedures in accounting for organizational activities and assets are investigated. Control tools such as budgets, information management systems, profit planning and audits are described. Emerging accounting issues for organizational leaders in for-profit and not-for-profit companies are discussed.
MBAD 519 Economic Analysis & Policy back to curriculum
The impact of the business cycle on firms and industries is assessed. The determinants of the unemployment rates, the inflation rate, the trade balance and economic growth are reviewed. The influence of government policy on the macroeconomy is examined from a variety of viewpoints and discussed.
MBAD 520 Managerial Economics back to curriculum
The behavior of individual economic agents including the individual consumer and the firm are studied. Formal models of consumer behavior and firm behavior are presented and applied to explain specific economic phenomena. The determinants of the market structure of industry are examined.
MBAD 523 Values, Ethics & Leadership back to curriculum
Presentation of paradigms for ethical reasoning, moral development and principled leadership. Personal and organizational applications of ethical principles. Treatment of concepts such as vocational calling, personal success, duty and justice. Application of biblical principles to issues managers routinely face or may encounter in the short or long term.
MBAD 526 Managerial Finance back to curriculum
Introduces participants to institutions and markets that shape business at the local, national and global level. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition and use of funds. Understanding of use, presentation and limits of financial information is developed.
MBAD 527 Legal Environment of Business back to curriculum
The legal and social environment in which businesses operate is examined. The implications of contract and property laws for mergers are studied and discussed. An understanding of employment law and regulation is developed.
MBAD 529 Contemporary Issues in Business Administration back to curriculum
Seminar based study of significant challenges facing managers. Topics might include managing rapid change, evolving legal realities, starting your own business, management of information technology, environmental concerns, financial portfolio management, mergers and acquisitions. Other topics as agreed upon by participants. This course may be repeated for credit. A maximum of nine credit hours may be earned.
MBAD 531 Entrepreneurship [3 credit hrs] back to curriculum

Course covers theoretical and practical aspects of owning and managing a business. General principles, case studies, as well as legal, financial, marketing and strategic planning will be studied. Students will have the opportunity to develop a working business plan.

MBAD 533 Integrated Learning Application [1-3 credit hrs] back to curriculum

Experiential-based learning in two of the three areas:

  • a cross-cultural experience in a foreign country or ethnic-intensive area of the US;
  • a senior-management-level consultative experience with the executives of a for-profit or not-for-profit organization;
  • a community service experience addressing the needs of a specific disadvantaged (physically, emotionally or economically) group.

For each experience, participants will write:

  1. a proposal describing the expected nature and benefits of the learning experience;
  2. a thorough (descriptive and normative) critique of the learning event clearly identifying the business concepts relevant to the experience and organization.

Participants could register for one, two or three credit hours of this course in various semesters after at least six modules have been successfully completed.

Graduate Elective back to curriculum
A course taken from one of Bethel College's other graduate program offerings. A graduate class from another accredited institution taken within three years of admission to the MBA program would be an acceptable substitute. A maximum of six credit hours can be earned.

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