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Master of Education

Application for Financial Aid [PDF]

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) program is designed to advance the knowledge and skills of practicing educators and prepare them for leadership roles in their schools. There are three different specialties from which candidates can choose: Literacy, School Leadership or Generalist. In addition to these three cognate options, candidates interested in becoming a school administrator may select the School Administrator Licensure option, leading to the Indiana K–12 Building Level Administrator License.

Bethel College aims to foster wise leaders who are:

  • Reflective teachers who experience personal growth and professional renewal
  • Knowledgeable teachers who increase their competence in their academic discipline
  • Perceptive teachers who facilitate learning through effective teaching
  • Effective teacher-leaders who seek to build positive and collaborative relationships with students, families, colleagues and communities
  • Caring teachers whose Christian world view provides a strong moral framework characterized by integrity and compassion

Program Options

Teachers will be equipped to assess students’ abilities in reading and writing, and to use instructional strategies that will enhance student learning in the language arts.
School Leadership
Teachers will be prepared to serve as committee chairs, curriculum team leaders, department chairs, mentors to novice teachers and to assume other leadership roles.
This option will allow a candidate to design a cognate area by selecting courses and seminars around a theme or area of interest.
School Building Principal
Teachers will be prepared to be school administrators and to earn an Indiana K-12 Building Level Administrator license. Master of Education: FAQ’s

Master of Education: FAQ’s

Master of Education in School Administration: FAQ’s