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Ministry/Theological Studies at The Chapel - Ft. Wayne

Providing graduate coursework at The Chapel is an opportunity developed by Bethel College through The Chapel in coordination with Fort Wayne Youth for Christ, Lifeline Homes, and the New Covenant Church.Adult Students

Graduate study at Bethel College can lead to a Master of Ministries degree (30 hours) or a Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree (60 hours). These are professional academic degrees for persons involved in various kinds of Christian ministry. The courses can also be taken on a “special student” basis for those who wish to keep up on current theory/practice in biblical studies, Christian ministry, theology, history, ethics and society. Undergraduates may also enroll for undergraduate credit or advanced standing in the M.Min./M.A.T.S programs.

At the conclusion of two years, with coursework offered at The Chapel and the Bethel College campus, it is possible to have completed all Adult Students the requirements for the Bethel Master of Ministries degree. At that time the graduate student will be in a position to continue his/her graduate education and register for courses that will apply toward the Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree if that is desired. These courses are transferable toward an advanced degree at other institutions.

The goals of the School of Religion and Philosophy are that students shall

  • Develop a style of service and ministry which cares for the full range of human needs.
  • Be equipped for immediate ministry vocations in churches, para-church organizations, etc., by balancing biblical and theological education with the practical skills necessary for ministry.
  • Have the necessary foundation on which to pursue theological education at the graduate level.
  • Develop skills in interpersonal relationships which reflect biblical values.
  • Learn how to study the Bible and to relate its message to today's world.
  • Be acquainted with the major philosophies and religious systems of the world.
  • Be especially prepared for ministry within the Missionary Church or the student's own denomination, with awareness of the whole body of Christ.