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Why Our Masters Program?

  • Reason #1: Our Outstanding Faculty

    Our congenial faculty members are dedicated to giving students a first-rate graduate education, focusing on academic excellence while promoting a strong personal relationship with Christ. Dr Tomasino Teaches Master's Students Because of this, professors strive to exude a Christ-like character in teaching while being engaged in on-going ministry beyond normal teaching requirements. Our professors also have appropriate doctoral degrees and remain consistently engaged with other scholars in their respective fields. Faculty members are very accessible to students outside classes, offering many opportunities for further faculty/student interaction. Learn more about this program's dedicated faculty.

  • Reason #2: A High-Quality Advanced Program that Meets Diverse Needs

    Whether you are a pastor, a church worker, or an active layperson, the MATS and MMIN programs offer an advanced course of study to meet your vocational and educational goals. They also train today's leaders for thoughtful ministry from a Christian perspective.

  • Reason #3: A Flexible Schedule

    You can complete the MATS and MMIN programs while you remain in your current position. The courses are structured using a three-day class format and a six-week evening course.

    The MMIN can be completed in less than two years. An independent study, supervised field study and Israel study trip are also courses that can be worked into this program.

  • Reason #4: An Academically Sound Curriculum

    The courses are academic and practical. Bethel College faculty, as well as experts from other leading evangelical institutions, teach in an interactive, concentrated format, giving students an opportunity to integrate the course material and to work with other students.

  • Reason #5: It Helps You Meet Future Educational Goals

    Bethel's MATS/MMIN programs provide a foundation for further educational goals. They transfer toward a M. Div. (three years) at seminaries or toward various other two-year masters programs. Students have gone on to study at Asbury, Fuller, Gordon Cornwell, AMBS, Trinity, etc.