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Master of Science in Nursing


The purpose of the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) for Nurse Educators / Administrators is to facilitate career preparation in a Christian liberal arts setting at the graduate level of nursing, enabling experienced nurses to develop skills for nursing education or administration. The graduate will be able to integrate concepts from the practice of nursing, nursing theory, research and professional role behaviors in the educational or administration setting. Knowledge of information processes, financing and human resources, health care organizations, ethical, legal and regulatory issues in health care, educational pedagogy, curriculum development and evaluation processes will be synthesized in the educational and administrative settings.

The Master of Science in Nursing program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

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The MSN graduate is prepared to:

Program Core Objectives for Educators and Administrators Track

    1. Integrate critical thinking when making effective decisions and solving problems creatively with students, colleagues, administrators, and members of the interdisciplinary team.
    2. Communicate efficaciously and collaboratively with students, colleagues, and administrators through interpersonal skills and technological media.
    3. Appraise therapeutic nursing interventions of students and or employees to facilitate their role development in the delivery of patient care for health promotion and disease prevention.
    4. Evaluate the nursing process in the delivery of patient care for health promotion and disease prevention in nursing and nursing settings.
    5. Integrate Christian principles while interacting with patients, students, colleagues, administrators, and members of the interdisciplinary team.
    6. Analyze professional, scholarship, and leadership skills and behaviors that foster improvement and innovation within health care and nursing education environments.
    7. Correlate ethical, political, economic, legal, and regulatory issues that impact nursing and nursing education.
    8. Appraise self-development or growth activities to enhance professional career and role expansion and be knowledgeable of health trends at the local, state, and national level.
    9. Utilize the research process to optimize nursing care delivery in clinical and academic settings.
    10. Provide leadership as an advocate for health programs and services in the advancement of health care policy, finances, and delivery to meet the needs of at-risk, underserved and/ or culturally diverse students and patients.

Additional Objectives for Educators Track:

    1. Critique, evaluate, and utilize concepts and theories of nursing, educational pedagogy, and curriculum development when assisting students to meet educational objectives through innovative teaching.
    2. Integrate teaching learning theories and educational objectives in nursing education and clinical settings.

Additional Objective for Administrators Track:

  1. Critique, evaluate, and utilize concepts and theories of nursing, health care delivery, financing and regulatory issues related to health care organizations.

Program Format

The MSN program involves five semesters of coursework, one summer course and a nursing thesis in a specialty area, which can be done in the semester of choice following MNUR514. The MSN degree program requires completion of 36 semester hours. MNUR699 may be taken for more than the required 3 credit hours if the thesis project requires more than one semester to complete. The program uses a format of one night a week with some courses offered in 7 week blocks and some offered in 14 week format.


Core Classes

  1. MNUR511 Nursing Roles in Health Care Organization
  2. MNUR512 Statistics for the Health Sciences
  3. MNUR513 Advanced Nursing Theory
  4. MNUR514 Nursing Research
  5. MNUR521 Specialty Practicum
  6. MNUR613 Information Systems in Nursing
  7. MNUR699 Nursing Thesis in Specialty Area

Educators Track

  1. MNUR611 Educational Pedagogy
  2. MNUR612 Curriculum Development in Nursing Education
  3. MNUR614 Evaluation in Nursing Education
  4. MNUR621 Teaching Practicum

Administrators Track

  1. MNUR615 Health Care Organization and Delivery
  2. MNUR616 Health Care Financing, Budgeting and Human Resources
  3. MNUR617 Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Issues in the Health Care
  4. MNUR622 Administrator Practicum