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Nurse Administrators Program


The purpose of the Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) for Nurse Administrators is to facilitate career preparation in a Christian liberal arts setting at the graduate level of nursing practice, thus enabling experienced nurses to develop skills for positions as managers in healthcare institutions. The graduate will be able to evaluate concepts from the practice of nursing, nursing theories, nursing research, and professional behaviors in the educational or administration setting. Knowledge of information processes, financing and human resources, health care organizations, ethical, legal and regulatory issues in health care, educational pedagogy, curriculum development, and evaluation processes will be synthesized in the educational and administrative settings.

Administrator Track
Fall # 1
MNUR 511 Nursing Roles in Health Care Org 3
MNUR 513 Advanced Nursing Theory 3
Spring # 1
MNUR 512 Statistics for the Health Sciences 3
MNUR 514 Nursing Research 3
Summer # 1
MNUR 613 Information Systems in Nursing 3
Fall # 2
MNUR 615 Health Care Organization and Delivery 3
MNUR 616 Health Care Financing, Budgeting and Human Resources 3
Spring # 2
MNUR 617 Ethical, Legal and Regulatory issues in the Health Care Organization 3
MNUR 521 Specialty Practicum 3
Fall # 3
MNUR 622 Administrator Practicum 6
MNUR 699 Nursing Thesis in Specialty Area 3-9