May Term Travel Course

Who can participate in a May/Summer Term Travel Opportunity?

Any Bethel student is eligible to apply to be a part of a May or Summer Travel Opportunity. Final approval will be given based on the student’s application, academic standing, and standing with the Student Development Office (inclusive of Residential & Disciplinary issues, Chapel Attendance, and Health Concerns).

How many credits can I earn for a May Term travel course?

Typically a May or Summer Term course will allow for a student to earn 3 credit hours, but some of the longer trips may afford the opportunity for additional hours.

What are the costs for a May Term trip?

The cost of a May Term trip varies widely based on the location. There are also two parts to the cost of a May Term travel trip. The first cost is the base cost of the airfare and on-location travel expenses. This is typically the base cost advertised. However, in addition to this cost is the cost of the credits earned while participating in a May Term travel trip. The cost per credit hour is determined on whether or not the trip is a May or Summer term course.

Can I fundraise for a May Term Travel Course?

Fundraising cannot officially be done through Bethel College. However, should you choose to fundraise on your own, you are more than welcome to do so.

Can I participate in more than one May Term Opportunity?

Yes. You are more than welcome to participate in multiple May or Summer Term Travel opportunities assuming you are able to make the necessary financial arrangements and are accepted through our approval process.