Task Force FAQs

What is a Task Force?

A Task Force Team is a group of Bethel College students who travel outside the walls of Bethel College (typically internationally) for the purpose of serving in a short-term missions capacity.

What is the cost of a Task Force?

The cost of a Task Force varies depending on the location and year. Typically, a trip will range from $1400-$2200.

How are Task Force locations selected?

Task Force locations are chosen in a variety of ways. Whether based on an established relationship that Bethel has with a short term missions organization or a missionary known by the college, we try to select locations that are not only of student interest, but also provide an opportunity for a high level of service and impact both for participants and those we aim to serve.

Who can participate in a Task Force?

Any Bethel student is eligible to apply to be a part of a Task Force Team. Final approval will be given based on the student’s application, interview, and standing with the Student Development Office (inclusive of Residential & Disciplinary issues, Chapel Attendance, and Health Concerns).

How does fundraising work for a Task Force Team?

The main source of fundraising is done through sending out support letters. We provide official letterhead, envelopes, and helpful instruction on how to effectively raise support. You are responsible for all postage and actually sending out your support letters. Gifts given toward your Task Force trip by donors are tax deductible.

Are gifts given toward my Task Force tax deductible?

Yes. Any gifts made directly to Bethel College and designated for your trip will be tax deductible for the year in which they are given.

Can I pay for a Task Force on my school bill?

No. Because a Task Force Team is not academically related and takes place outside of the typical academic schedule, costs of a Task Force team are not eligible to be placed on your school bill.

How do I apply for a Task Force?

Login to MyBethel, join the Task Force Group, click on the “Apply Now!” link on the left hand banner, and click on the link “Start New Application.”

Can I earn credit for a Task Force?

No. Because a Task Force is service related and the cost is paid via tax-deductible gifts, you are not eligible to earn credit via a Task Force Team.