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Adult and Graduate Studies

Associate of Arts in Bible & Ministry Requirements

Outline of Degree Requirements

General Studies HOURS
COL 181 Adult Student Orientation 0-1
ENGL 101 Written Communication 3
Speech 3
Literature/Art/Music/Drama 3
Philosophy 2-3
Psychology or Sociology 3
THEO 110 Exploring the Christian Faith 3
History 3
Mathematics or Science (Lab Optional) 3-4
BIBL 201 Biblical Interpretation 3
BIBL 211 Old Testament I 3
BIBL 221 New Testament I 3
MIN 210 The Christian World Mission 3
MIN 310 Evangelism & Discipleship (3)
Electives in Ministry or Youth Ministry 6
BIBL 320 Biblical Theology or Elective in Bible 3
THEO 310 Systematic Theology I (3)
Electives needed to complete the degree 9-12

Course Descriptions

BIBL 201- Biblical Interpretation -3 Hours

An introduction to methods of Bible study and to the principles of biblical interpretation. The inductive method is emphasized.

BIBL 320- Biblical Theology -3 Hours

Prerequisite: BIBL 201 or consent of instructor.

This course ties the great theological themes of the Bible together and demonstrates proper methodology for doing Biblical theology. The unity, authority and inspiration of scripture is studied and the foundation for Christian ethics and a Christian worldview is established.

BIBL 211- Old Testament I -3 Hours

Prerequisite: BIBL 215 or major standing. Hebrew recommended.

The course emphasizes Genesis, Exodus, Joshua and 1-2 Kings. The important themes of creation, election, the exodus, conquest of Canaan and exile are studied. These themes are also traced to the New Testament.

BIBL221- New Testament I -4 Hours

Prerequisite: BIBL 216 or major standing. Also, GRK 151/152 and BIBL 201 recommended.

This course is an introduction to the four Gospels and the person of Jesus Christ. It includes a historical survey of Gospel's interpretation (source, form, redaction criticism) as well as more recent approaches such as narrative criticism. Moreover, this course aims at providing a framework for how to interpret the Gospels properly and consequently how to apply insights from Jesus (his personal example, teaching and theology) in one's life and ministry.

MIN210- The Christian World Mission -3 Hours

Prerequisites: BIBL 115, 216 or major status.

The biblical basis and history of missionary motivation, and the study of missionary strategies and methods.

MIN 310 - Evangelism and Discipleship -3 Hours

A study of the methods of evangelism and follow-up, including discipleship training and supervision.

THEO310- Systematic Theology I -3 Hour

An historic-systematic theological study of the doctrines of God, christology, pneumatology, creation and man.