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Adult and Graduate Studies

Associate of Arts in General Studies Requirements

Degree Course Requirments and Descriptions

General Studies HOURS
COL 181 Adult Student Orientation 0-1
ENGL 101 Written Communication II 3
    Speech 3
    Literature/Art/Music/Drama 3
    Psychology 3
    Bible/Religion 6
    Sociology 3
    Fitness/Wellness/Health/Pysical Education 1
    Science/Mathematics (Lab Optional) 3-4
Primary Concentration in one subject area
*(At least 9 hours must be taken at Bethel College in the primary concentration area)
  Secondary Concentration in one subject area 9
  Secondary Concentration in another subject area 6
Total Hours   30
Electives   7-5
Total Hours   62


  • Innovative and accelerated academic program
  • Convenient seven week evening and Saturday courses
  • Credit opportunities for prior learning experience
  • Transfer friendly
  • Personal assistance with academic advising
  • Gives students the flexibility to create a degree tailored to their own interests.