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Adult and Graduate Studies

Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management Requirements

Outline of Degree Requirements

General Studies
Writing 3
Speech 3
Humanities 6
Psychology 3
Sociology 3
Social Science Electives 6
Natural Science/Mathematics 6
Religion/Philosophy 6
Liberal Arts Electives 12
General/Technical Electives 40
ORGM 220 Communications 3
ORGM 452 Group & Organizational Behavior 3
ORGM 454 Systems Management 3
ORGM 401 Principles of Management and
ORGM 320 Accounting for Managers 4
ORGM 333 Managerial Finance 4
ORGM 433 Managerial Economics 4
ORGM 300 Biblical Perspectives for Managers 3
ORGM 349 Statistical Methods & Research 3
ORGM 430 Human Resources Administration 3
ORGM 403 Business Ethics 3

Course Descriptions


ORGM 220- Communication -3 Hours

An overview of writing, and logical/critical thinking skills. Concepts that make for effective learning and communication.

ORGM 452- Group & Organizational Behavior -3 Hours

A study of group behavior and how group functioning affects organizational effectiveness. Emphasis is placed on decision making and resolving conflict in groups. Students develop strategies for efficient and productive group management and determine which tasks are handled by groups or individuals.

ORGM 454- Systems Management -3 Hours

Students examine the formal and informal functions of organizations and analyze an agency or organization based on a systems model. Students also analyze and solve organizational problems using a step-by-step method.

ORGM 320- Accounting for Managers -3 Hours

An overview and reinforcement of accounting concepts such as recording transactions, rules of revenue, calculating depreciation, reviewing financial statements and understanding stockholders' equity.

ORGM 333- Managerial Finance -4 Hours

An overview of financial tools available to the manager in decision making. Includes a study of income statements, balance sheets, cash flow budgets, changes in financial position and ratio analysis. Emphasis is on reading and understanding accounting and financial documents rather than upon their preparation.

ORGM 401- Principles of Management & Supervision -4 Hours

An examination of motivational theory and its application to individual and group functioning in work and home situations. Leadership styles related to particular circumstances are analyzed. Negotiation is explored through readings and class practice, with an analysis to formulate a management philosophy incorporating business ethics, government accountability, human rights and a responsible lifestyle in the contemporary world.

ORGM 433- Managerial Economics -4 Hours

A study of principles of economics necessary to equip managers and supervisors for effective decision making and leadership. Special consideration is given to the effects of the internalization of our economy. Specific economic concepts are applied to problem solving in the manager's workplace.

ORGM 300- Biblical Perspectives for Managers -3 Hours

An overview of the historical, literary and religious dimensions of the Bible. Students examine biblical faith and the integration of faith, learning and living. Biblical models and styles of leadership are examined for the purpose of better understanding how faith may affect one's leadership in the workplace environment.

ORGM 349- Statistical Methods & Research -3 Hours

Problem analysis and evaluation techniques are presented. Students are shown methods for defining, researching, analyzing and evaluating a problem in their work or avocational environment. Specific statistical information presented identifying and measuring objectives, collecting data, working with significance levels, analyzing and constructing various questionnaires.

ORGM 430- Human Resources Administration -3 Hours

An exploration of the values and perceptions of selected groups affecting social and economic life through an analysis of policies and practices of recruitment, selection, training, development and compensation of employees. Special attention is given to federal legislation through a series of case studies and simulations.

ORGM 403- Business Ethics -3 Hours

Several major ethical theories are reviewed. Students are asked to examine personal values through reading and workplace analysis to formulate a management philosophy incorporating business ethics, government accountability, human rights and a responsible lifestyle in the contemporary world.