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What is Online Learning?

Welcome to Bethel College Online. Many people today find it difficult to complete a degree with the various demands of life, but you have a flexible, convenient, and quality option through online learning. Online learning provides you the opportunity to pursue a degree both through online and on-campus options. The online courses are the same in strength and quality as traditional on-campus offerings; the only difference is the delivery and pace. Online courses are available whenever and wherever you choose to provide you the flexibility you need to fit your busy schedule.

While online courses are different, that does not make them easy. Any college level course requires a level of commitment and dedication, and online courses are no exception. In fact online learning requires you to be more focused with strong time management skills and determination to fulfill assignment and discussion commitments.

What is an Online Course? An online course is a set of web pages designed to provide two things: Information and interaction. The information presented is related to a topic under study. The topic can be what you find in any traditional college classroom. The information will be presented using text, video, audio, power point, or other similar means. The exact nature of the presentation will also vary from an interactive simulation, a short video lecture, or reading from an assigned textbook.

The interaction will be through discussion forums. The instructor will post a question in the discussion forum and each student will be required to respond to the initial question as well as respond to others in the class. This interaction will allow a learning dialogue to develop that will allow each student to further apply and investigate the information presented in the class. This is a critical aspect of learning in general but especially in online learning because students are meeting in a virtual environment and do not have the ability to follow a discussion in a traditional classroom setting.

The online courses are not correspondence courses. You will be required to login several times over the course of a weekly session to complete assigned lecture, textbook reading, and other assignments. Plan to spend about 1 to 15 hours each week completing assignments and participating in discussions. An online class does not meet just once a week but you will need to access the class several times a week.

Each online class is divided into weekly sessions. Each session contains all you need to complete that week’s assignments and discussions.

To explore an online course demo click this link: Getting Started Online Course Demo