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Business Department

Do you want to start your own business? Work for a Fortune 500 Company? Serve in a non-profit, church, or missionary organization? Analyze numbers, create exciting marketing plans, or manage people? Whatever your passion, we believe that business is a calling. The business world needs people who are well-trained, engaged in ongoing learning, have a global outlook, and have a strong ethical character. Business plays an influential role in society, and Bethel College seeks to make an impact in the world through its business students.

Offering seven undergraduate programs and an MBA, the Business Department at Bethel College is well-known in the community for training men and women for career success. We offer a wide spectrum of business courses that engage students as they learn to integrate academic theory, practical application, and a Christian worldview. Our faculty members have real-world experience that enhances classroom instruction.

Students are challenged to schedule an internship during their course of study so that they may test their skills in a practical setting. Additionally, students are encouraged to join ENACTUS, which is an activity club that offers them a chance to serve the community while utilizing their business knowledge.