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Academic Programs

Department of Communication & Media Arts

Mission Statement:

The department of communication and media arts focuses on nurturing the writing and speaking abilities of all Bethel students and equipping majors to serve the Kingdom of God in the fields of journalism, public relations, and broadcasting and media communication, and future graduate studies. Our department fosters critical thinking, excellence in oral and written expression, and ethical decision making. Students learn to integrate a Christian worldview with valuable vocational skills. Student education culminates in a professional portfolio showcasing the growth of acquired communication skills and the development of a personal career plan.

Program Goals:

  • Prepare students to work in communication settings where they develop the skills they need to do the work they love.
  • Develop student mastery across multi-media platforms to include social networking, messaging and other media.
  • Gain knowledge and practical experience in public relations: speaking, interpersonal, intercultural, and public communication subject areas.
  • Increase experience with journalism and written communication.