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Academic Programs

About the Department of Communication & Media Arts

The Communication & Media Arts Department at Bethel College has recently undergone a transformation. Students now have more flexibility in choosing courses in Communication: Broadcast Media (Radio and TV), Print Media (Journalism), Public Relations, and Communication Studies are all available for coursework.

Broadcast Media prepares students to work in communication environments where media technology is an element of their employment. Courses include Writing for Broadcast Media, Radio and TV Announcing, Theory and Production. Students are strongly encouraged to complete an internship with a local station. We have had students intern at WSBT and WNDU in the recent past. An arrangement with WHME to use their professional studios is currently in development.

Print Media courses are oriented toward Journalism and written communication. Included are News Writing, Layout and Design, Editing, and Nonfiction Writing, for example. Students are encouraged to intern with local newspapers for practical experiences; the South Bend Tribune has given a number of students the opportunity to experience first-hand the workings of journalism.

We are increasing the number of courses to satisfy the requirements of PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America). We currently have an instructor (Dr. Elizabeth W. McLaughlin) in this area who is completing her Doctoral degree in Communication, and who has many years’ experience in the PR business.

Communication Studies offers students the opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise in Public Relations, Interpersonal, Intercultural, and Public Communication subject areas. We encourage students to intern with Human Resource and PR firms for experience in these areas.

Bethel has two full-time faculty with Ph.D.s in the Communication department, and a “Broadcaster-in-Residence,” Tim Ceravolo, who was the Executive Producer of News at WSBT-TV in South Bend and now teaches full-time at Bethel College. Various other faculty in the Language and Literature department teach additional courses.