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Academic Programs


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Majors & Degrees

  • Communication Major
  • Journalism Concentration
  • Public Relations (PR) Concentration


  • Communication Minor
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Minor
  • Journalism Minor
  • Public Relations Minor
  • Radio Broadcast Minor

Journalism Concentration

The Journalism Concentration offers students who are interested in that field a chance to learn the terminology and theories of journalism while also developing the practical skills necessary to compete in the competitive media industry. Students will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience by working for the campus newspaper, radio station, and a developing television program. 

We have also developed an excellent network of internship opportunities with the local media. Students can get real world experience through these internships, and they can also start developing the contacts they will need to get jobs when they graduate. Our journalism program is managed by Emmy award winning broadcast journalist Tim Ceravolo, who worked for 24 years in the broadcast industry.