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Academic Programs

Mission and Conceptual Framework


Within the context of a biblical worldview, the mission of the Bethel College Department of Education is to prepare high quality candidates to serve as wise decision makers and leaders in professional roles.

The Bethel College Department of Education exists within the broader college to help develop graduates who will possess:

  • An awareness of the accumulating body of knowledge as an incentive for study and research;
  • The ability to think analytically and critically, to appreciate the thinking and culture of others, and to communicate effectively and creatively;
  • An understanding of the factors in the physical, mental, and spiritual development of one’s own personal growth;
  • Social and civic attitudes leading to responsible participation in human relationships ranging from individual contacts to world citizenship and including people from differing religious, racial, ethnic and economic contexts;
  • An appreciation of God’s creation and of humanity’s cultural achievements in the arts and sciences as an outgrowth of increased understanding; and,
  • Competence through acquired understandings and skills considered fundamental to certain professions or areas of specializations.

Conceptual Framework

We have chosen a helm, a historical emblem of Bethel College, to represent our program.  While the college motto, “With Christ at the Helm” acknowledges that Christ is at the Helm of the college and our individual lives, we are borrowing the image of the helm to represent what we want our teacher candidates to learn to do - using the knowledge and skills they learn in our program to steer a course that leads to student learning. The helm has several distinct components, each of which represents an aspect of our teacher preparation program.

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