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Student Testimonies

  • Ashleigh Finley
  • Plymouth, IN
  • Elementary Education
  • Senior

quoteI began my Bethel College career as a dental hygiene major. After my first semester, I knew God was calling me to education. Bethel made the transition to the education department effortless. I have not regretted the decision since. I believe the Bethel College department of education prepares their students for the world of teaching. They hold their students to a higher standard. From the first semester, students are expected to spend time in the classroom. This experience gives their students an upper-hand in the professional world. Local schools have come to expect excellence from Bethel College education students. The Department of Education definitely lives up to these expectations, and I know they will not disappoint you either.quote


  • Jan Modert
  • Sturgis, MI
  • Elementary Education
  • Senior

quoteBethel College’s education program is above that of other colleges. It is noticeable that the program prides itself on excellence. As a student, I am expected to give my best in every class I take. I have been able to be a part of a classroom as an observer and teacher since my freshman year. These real-life experiences distinguish Bethel from other education colleges. Student TeachingThis has helped me to become a more practical educator.

Bethel’s education program is also accommodating. With an Elementary Education major, I am busy, but not too busy to do extracurricular things that I would like to do. I have participated in concert band and musical performances. Last semester, I had the privilege of studying abroad in New Zealand, Australia and China. At most colleges, this is not an option with an Education major. My advisor in the education program helped me to make this dream of traveling and teaching a possibilityquote


  • Johanna Craig
  • Carol Stream, IL
  • Elementary Education
  • Senior

quoteBethel’s education program has taught me that a good teacher is really a good student. My professors have encouraged me to be a lifelong learner: to keep my mind open and flexible as I experience new things. Bethel has given me several opportunities to practice being a lifelong learner. My sophomore year I took advantage of Bethel’s study abroad program and spent a whole semester learning Spanish in the Dominican Republic. It was the most significant learning experience of my life. I went to the DR not only with no Spanish experience, but, as a minority,I have never felt more out of my element, but I have also never learned so much. While I was there I also worked at a small village preschool. While it was a big challenge at times, I learned so much about the art of teaching and ministering to a child’s life — even in Spanish!Prof and Students

I have also enjoyed my school field placements in the Mishawaka/ South Bend area. Every experience has been different and I have had the opportunity to experience a large diversity of students. I am grateful that Bethel’s education program places us in the field as early as possible. I know now that I will have plenty of teaching experience before I student teach next spring!quote