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Department of English

Department of English

Dear Prospective Student, 

Thank you for considering Bethel College’s English Department in your college plans. If you choose to study here, you will be joining a fellowship of students and professors who are intrigued by the power of words. In other words, we are excited to read a great book or learn an important lesson through writing. We, therefore, offer about twenty writing courses (from Written Communication II to Creative Writing to Writing for the Religious Market) and twenty literature courses (World Literature, Survey of Christian Literature, Novel, etc.).

As a body of learners in Christ, we strive to integrate biblical faith with our writing and reading in order to understand and change our world. Our prayer is to encourage development of students and faculty into “good citizens speaking well” (Quintilian); we strive to give students the opportunities and resources to command language for God’s Kingdom.

Students graduating with majors from the department of English at Bethel College will profit from the ability to read and write proficiently. Such ability will prepare them for graduate study or for a variety of vocations that require reading, writing, research, critical thinking, or linguistic knowledge. Our recent graduates are pursuing various vocations

  • Teaching English overseas.
  • Editing.
  • Writing for newspapers, magazines, and organizations.
  • Teaching middle and high school English.
  • Teaching college.
  • Pursuing graduate degrees in English and Library Science.