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Meet Lisa Tuttle

Lisa Tuttle From a very early age, I possessed an insatiable appetite for reading. My love for books soon became a love for writing. I excelled in my writing classes, receiving several achievement awards during my high school years, but never considered a career in writing. In my late teens and early adulthood, I discovered most adult literature strongly opposed my Christian values. Unable to find suitable material for reading or outlets for writing, I turned away from both interests discouraged.

Ten years later, I discovered inspirational fiction and my passion for reading and writing was renewed. Seeing an opportunity to use my writing skills to share my love for God, I returned to college to complete a degree in writing. I was the 2002 recipient of the Grace P. Pettifor Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Writing, and in 2003 I received The Bethel Beacon Scholarship for my work as assistant editor on the college newspaper. I graduated in May 2004 with an Associate of Arts in Writing.

I am a firm believer that writers need to be involved in support groups and networks. Only other writers can truly understand the joys and frustrations we experience on a daily basis. Thus, I am a member of the American Christian Romance Writers, the Bethel College Writer’s Club, and the Writers’ Accountability Network. I also participate in several local and online critique groups.

My recent nonfiction publishing credits include articles in magazines such as Brio, Today's Christian Woman and Fellowscript. I am the managing editor of the “Write to the Heart Newsletter,” a publication of the ACRW. I’ve also written many articles, short stories, and devotionals for print and web publications.