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What Is WAN?

Why We Chose Our Name:

We felt the name Writers’ Accountability Network captured both the technological online networking side of our group and the ethereal networking we’re doing person-to-person in order to develop ourselves as writers. Since we branch in and out and weave back and forth in our e-mails, we thought this name appropriate. We also wanted to emphasize the word, “accountability.”


Group members report via e-mail what they want to accomplish during the coming month in relation to their writing. Then other members hold them accountable. So, that means members e-mail us to report in and to receive encouragement. If writers want input about an idea, or edits on an article, poem, book chapter, etc., they submit their work via e-mail and receive comments back within the week.

We combine this with any homework that relates to writing for publication, as well. For example, a member is assigned a research paper for a course, but the topic could also be modified into a good magazine article. Why waste the research? Do both and get paid for one when it sells.

Then the process begins again the following month. We celebrate successes with each other, and we provide comfort if something is rejected. (We call rejections "redirections," and we encourage members to send their work out to another publisher.) We also distribute writing opportunities.

The beauty of this group is that we are able to communicate via e-mail without scheduling meetings around our other commitments. Membership is open to Bethel students and alumni who want to seriously pursue writing for publication.