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Academic Programs


A new wing was added to the science building in 2007. It includes teaching classrooms with up to date audio-visual technology as well as several labs with state of the art equipment:

  • Cadaver teaching lab – This lab can hold up to 24 students. It contains ventilated storage areas for cadaver and animal specimens used in dissection. In addition each work station has its own ventilation to reduce exposure to fumes.
  • Research lab – This lab is used by faculty and students currently doing research at Bethel College. It features cell culture hoods as well as several pieces of equipment used in molecular research. Some of these include: PCR machine, quantitative PCR machine, gel docking station.
  • Two additional biology teaching labs – Contain tissue culture hood and chemical hood. Contains microscopes, UV-vis equipment, water baths. The newer lab has up to date audio-visual technology.
  • New General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry labs with numerous chemical hoods and analytical equipment.

Cadaver Teaching Lab
Cadaver Teaching Lab


Research Lab
Research Lab