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Academic Programs


  1. List of Programs
    1. Biology Major, B.S.
    2. Cell & Molecular Biology, B.S.
    3. Ecology & Environmental Biology Major, B.S.
    4. Pre-Medicine (Professional), B.S.
    5. Science Education Major - Life Sciences, B.S.
    6. Biology Minor
    7. Ecology and Environmental Biology Minor
  2. Objectives of Bethel Life Sciences program - Consistent with the Bethel College mission and vision statement we believe that it is our duty to provide our students with the analytical and professional skills necessary to succeed in their chosen career. In order to balance these needs, we believe that all departmental courses and programs should integrate the following elements:
    Critical thinking skills -Biologists should be able to identify and analyze a problem, weigh evidence and generate hypotheses.
    Research skills -Biologists should be able to propose and test hypotheses and analyze problems, and they must have the skills and research tools necessary to investigate them.
    Communication skills -Biologists should achieve competency in both oral and written communication in order to effectively disseminate the results of research.
    Technological skills -Students should acquire and demonstrate competency in the use of, at minimum, spreadsheet, word processing, bioinformatics, presentation and basic statistical analysis programs.
    Practical experience -Students should receive real-world experience through undergraduate research programs and internships.
    Ethics -Students should be able to discuss and form opinions about current issues in bioethics from a Christian worldview.
    Global citizenship -Students should be aware of global issues and be actively involved in finding solutions to critical problems in the world, such as global warming, the HIV/AIDS pandemic and poverty.
  3. Goals of Bethel Life Science Program
    • Provide an academically excellent program to recruit, encourage and promote the entry of young Christians into scientific research, health science fields, and secondary education
    • Provide diverse learning and research experiences for our students to help them develop a strong base of knowledge in:
      • Biological principals and research techniques
      • Thinking critically and analytically within the discipline
      • Communicating concepts and ideas within the discipline effectively through both verbal and written communication skills
      • Utilizing knowledge and skills in a variety of settings including interpersonal relationships, employment situations, and/or graduate or professional school
      • Applying a Christian worldview to all areas of their lives, including acting ethically in their profession and using their knowledge and skills to solve problems in the global community.