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Academic Programs

Extracurricular Activities

Looking to get involved with math outside of the classroom?  There are plenty of activities to try.  From the department picnic to game nights at a professor’s house to community service with Mu Alpha Theta, there’s something for everyone.  Check out the links to the right.

Mu Alpha THeta (MATH)

Welcome to the website for the student organization Mu Alpha THeta.  From community service to fun social activities, you’ll find a variety of ways to stretch your mathematical knowledge.  Refer to this page for updates on events throughout the school year.

The first meeting of Mu Alpha THeta will take place during the first week of school.  We’ll elect officers, talk about T-shirts for the year (and actually order them!), bounce around some ideas for community service this year, and try out some new math problems.  Come out and join us!  Further details will be posted here as the fall semester approaches.

Student Employment Opportunities

If you are a mathematical science major and interested in employment on campus, the department offers a number of opportunities for getting involved.  Paid positions include:

  • Group and individual tutors
  • Graders
  • Department assistants

Contact us for further details if you are interested.