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Kevin Drury

Kevin Drury
  • Title Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics
  • Work Phone 574.807.7095
  • Office Middleton Hall of Science, Room 013 1001 Bethel Circle Mishawaka IN 46545 USA EST

Teaching interests

  • Mathematical Biology (e.g., dynamical systems theory, theoretical population biology, theoretical disease ecology)
  • Modeling with Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
  • Advanced Statistical Methods (e.g., computational statistics, environmental statistics, multivariate statistics)
  • Calculus II and III

Professional interests

  • Combining mean first passage times of stochastic infection processes with deterministic mathematical models of disease transmission to understand malaria and leishmaniasis
  • Using semi-discrete mathematical models to understand the effects of stochastic perturbations to dynamical systems, especially in relation to multiple stable states and transitions between them.

Relevant Publications

  • Modeling immigration events dispersed in space and time:
  • Using the Akaike Information Criterion to choose among spatially explicit models of the California sea otter range expansion:
  • Using disease models to evaluate the effectiveness of offensive and defensive strategies for slowing the spread of invasive species:
  • Managing ecological thresholds by combining economic and ecological analysis:
  • Quantifying the effects of integrated pest management in terms of pest equilibrium resilience:
  • Combining Perturbations and Parameter Variation to Influence Mean First Passage Times, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology: Volume 74, Issue 7 (2012), Page 1606-1628

Personal Interests

  • My wonderful wife and 3 adorable daughters
  • Physical training
  • Hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing
  • Bird watching (so far in lower 48 of US, Alaska, Europe, Africa, Brazil and Costa Rica)
  • Visiting my folks in the mountains of West Virginia
  • Notre Dame Football (Go Irish!)
  • Bethel Basketball (Go Pilots!)