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Academic Programs

Student Benefits

Any student can benefit from the 6 week experience of study in Spain and there are several ways in which the Bethel-in-Spain program can satisfy the college’s requirements for graduation, for general education, for the minor, for the proposed major, for nursing students and for students in international studies.

Credits for Graduation and for General Education

Any student, including students who simply wish to satisfy the language requirement at Bethel College, or who intend to graduate early, or who are short of the 124 credit hours required for graduation, may enroll in the program. The nine credits earned on the program are all fully endorsed and accredited by the registrar of Bethel College. Students who are in the program to satisfy the foreign language requirement will be placed in a class at a level commensurate with experience and ability. At the conclusion of the program you will receive credit for Spanish 161 and 162 at Bethel College or whatever 2 three-hour courses are appropriate for your level. In addition to these courses, students may wish to sign up for the 3-credit Special Topics in Art course to satisfy the Fine Arts requirement for General Studies. Students may also enroll in the Spanish Civilization and Culture class for elective credit or for credit toward the Spanish major or minor. If you have already satisfied the requirement for foreign language study, you may wish to apply the credits you earn as electives toward graduation or you may simply want to improve your proficiency or mastery of the Spanish language.

Credits toward the Minor in Spanish

At Bethel College, all courses above the introductory level count toward the 17 hours required for a minor in Spanish. If you have already received credit for Spanish 161 and 162, the nine hours you earn on the program represent half of these required credits. Students who successfully finish the program will only need three more courses in Spanish to complete the minor.

Spanish Study for Nursing Students

Nur127, Spanish Medical Terminology is a course offered at the college on a yearly basis that provides the necessary language skills and vocabulary for the most basic type of communication in a clinical setting. However, if you are training to be a health professional and wish to continue to work on your fluency and conversational skills in Spanish, the college can offer no better opportunity than the Bethel-in-Spain program. Because the program will emphasize conversational proficiency, it is ideal for nurses and other potential healthcare workers.

The International Learning Experience Requirement for International Studies Majors

Students in the international studies track for the business, ministry, and social science majors can enroll in the Bethel-in-Spain program to satisfy the international learning experience requirement. The program’s six-week course of study will meet the required minimum time for international study within these tracks. Students can therefore satisfy their language and international learning experience requirements on the same program. Furthermore, students with an international studies business major can take classes at Dile Cursos specifically designed for business students and can complete a certificate in Commercial Spanish granted by Spain’s ministry of commerce.