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Academic Programs

Housing & Meals

The Bethel-in-Spain program will provide for all housing and most meals for the duration of the program. During the 2-week excursion portion of the trip, Lunchstudents will stay in 3-star minimum hotel accommodations and will be provided with breakfast everyday. For the meals that we do not share as a group, students will be expected to venture out on their own and experience local restaurants and cafes. This is an opportunity for you to find and frequent those places in the Spanish cities we visit which would not be able to accommodate a large group, but provide the local color and ambience that make so many of the small towns and cities in Spain vibrant and unique. The program will provide a small stipend in each city to offset the cost of food an meals.

Meals while we travel throughout Spain:

  1. The breakfast(desayuno) will be continental, usually served between 8 and 10 am, but usually we will eat together at 9 AM. It will often be something like hot milk and coffee or chocolate (the coffee/chocolate is mixed half-and-half with the hot milk - delicioso!), fresh rolls or muffins, and butter and jelly. There will be abundant food at breakfasts too, but it will consist of these items. Sometimes - not always - there will be fruit juice, or fresh fruit.
  2. For lunch (la comida) and dinner (la cena) we will be on our own. In the past, most students find reasonably-priced restaurants and eat together in small groups during the day. The most economical choice is usually the “menú”, which would be a set two- or three-course meal offered by the restaurant (it would include drink, bread, patatas/arroz/pasta, carne (pollo/cerdo/res bovino[beef]/ carnero[mutton]/ cordero[lamb]/ ternera[veal] /pescado), y legumbres/fruta/postre). A good lunch choice is tortilla española, a typical dish like quiche, of scrambled eggs mixed with potatoes, onions, and cheese. - Tips (propinas) may be included in bill; look to see if 15% has been added. If not, tip 5 to 10%. - And in big cities, McDonald's and other fast foods are now abundantly available but not recommended—why eat at a McDonald’s when you can eat there by walking a couple of hundred feet from Shupe? A recommended fast-food lunch is available at Pans&Co, which serves hot sandwiches on baguette-type bread (like Subway but better). Another (more economical) option would be to visit a local supermarket and make a picnic lunch with local, fresh fruits, bread, cold cuts, and other treats.

While we are in Salamanca, students will be placed with carefully-chosen host families from around the city, all of whom live within walking distance of the institute where we will study. Your stay with a host family will be one of the most enriching experiences on the program: an opportunity to use what you have learned in class in an authentic setting where communication in Spanish is the only option. Your host family will provide you with all your meals during our stay in Salamanca as well as laundry service and even bag lunches for the two Saturday excursions that are part of the Salamanca portion of the program.