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Academic Programs


*Download the Department of Music course catalog. (PDF)

The music curriculum at Bethel strives to bring each of its students to an understanding of the pedagogical, historical, and theoretical aspects of musical performance while striving for the highest levels of technical and artistic development in the teaching and performing of music. Furthermore, the Music Faculty believe that music is a gift from God, used to express all of the various human emotions, moods, values, and thoughts that He has given to us. All musical performance and study (whether it is classical, jazz, contemporary, or sacred) is approached in light of biblical perspectives that:

  • Describe the making of music as an act of worship
  • Development of talents so they may glorify God
  • Demand excellence as the norm of stewardship
  • Development of perceptive music listening skills
  • Ability to respond to music aesthetically, intelligently, and emotionally
  • Acquaintance with a wide variety of music, including diverse musical styles and genres
  • Ability to make aesthetic judgments based on critical listening and analysis
  • Understanding of the role music has played and continues to play in the lives of human beings.

Curriculum Outlines

Recommended curriculum outlines for each of the available undergraduate majors are available on our Resources page.