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Academic Programs

Mission Statement

The Music Department of Bethel College endeavors to assist students in the development of their talents so they may glorify God by enjoying the great gift of music and by using that gift to worship and serve Him.

Believing music to be a gift from God which reflects His goodness to us, we seek to foster musical and spiritual growth in a nurturing environment for all members of the college community and the community at large.  We strive to prepare qualified individuals for servant leadership in church music, music education and music performance.

Whether performing or teaching, leading or following; whether private or public, sacred or secular, music can be a vehicle for drawing people to God and into an acute awareness of His presence.  To this end we dedicate ourselves.

Music Importance

Historically, music has always been an important component in educational curricula. To the ancient Greeks, the function of education was to develop the mind, the body, and the soul. To accomplish these goals, early Greek education required oratory for the mind, gymnastics for the body, and music for the soul. Music is referenced in the Bible over a thousand times. In today’s society music is everywhere: in entertainment, in worship, in education and in ministry. It is an art and a skill. Music reflects our traditions, our cultures, our aspirations, our accomplishments and our feelings. It is crucial to the human expression, serving as an integral part of our lives.