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Academic Programs

Instrumental Ensembles

Wind Ensemble

Dr. Michael Kendall, conductor

Concert BandThe Bethel College Wind Ensemble is an instrumental ensemble devoted to the performance of traditional and contemporary concert band literature. Band membership is open to college students and area residents. This course provides students opportunities to enhance their musical appreciation through performance, while continuing to develop their instrumental performance skills. The Wind Ensemble also serves as laboratory experience for music education majors desiring to improve their performance levels on various band instruments, observe rehearsal methods and techniques, and learn band organizational strategies. The Wind Ensemble performs two concerts each year on campus.

Jazz Ensemble

Dr. Reginald Klopfenstein, conductor

Jazz EnsembleThe Jazz Ensemble performs on and off campus each semester including the popular Jazz Coffeehouse Concert each spring. It draws on the broad spectrum of jazz styles including: Swing, Bebop, Latin, Rock, and Fusion. Each February the Jazz Ensemble tours, playing in churches and schools and presenting formal, as well as coffeehouse, concerts.

Jazz Combo

Dr. Reginald Klopfenstein, director

Jazz ComboThe Jazz Combo, comprised of musicians selected from the Jazz Ensemble. They focus on the development and refinement of students' improvisational skills. The Jazz Combo performs regularly with the Jazz Ensemble.

Percussion Ensemble

Dr. Reginald Klopfenstein, director

Percussion EnembleThe Percussion Ensemble performs music that reflects the great diversity of percussion instruments. These include compositions for traditional concert percussion, mallet instruments, hand drums, and novelty "instruments." The ensemble's literature includes selections from various traditions including classical, jazz, popular, Latin, and African. The Percussion Ensemble performs each semester in a variety of venues.

Chamber Orchestra

Dr. Vicky Warkentien, conductor

String Chamber Orchestra

The Bethel College Chamber Orchestra is an ensemble devoted to the performance of Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary repertoire. The Chamber Orchestra performs two concerts each year as well as the annual Christmas Concert. It is open to all qualified members of the College community and to area residents. The ensemble provides the opportunity to students for continued instrumental growth and musical development.

Chamber Ensemble

Dr. Vicky Warkentien, director

Chamber EnsembleThe Bethel College Chamber Ensemble is an ensemble committed to the exploration and performance of major chamber ensemble repertoire, with its numerous technical and expressive demands. The Chamber Ensemble performs several concerts each year, both on and off campus. Participation in this ensemble enables students to develop advanced skills in musicality, balance, sensitivity, control, and independence. Enrollment is subject to audition.