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Audition Information

 An audition is required of every prospective music major at Bethel and is recommended for students who wish to minor in music. Elective students may also audition. Auditions demonstrate potential, reveal areas of possible service and estab­lish scholarship dollar amounts. Music scholarships vary in amounts and may be renewed each year of continued study meeting guidelines set forth below.

Who is eligible for scholarships

Music scholarships are available for (in priority) intended music majors, minors and talented elective students. Scholarships vary in amounts and may be renewed each year of continued study meeting guidelines set forth below. Audition dates are scheduled each academic year between October and March. Any auditions after March 28th will need to be via electronic link or DVD and scholarships may be limited.

Audition Procedure

  1. Please submit an application for admission to Bethel College before scheduling a music audition. See Bethel Admissions (574.807.7600) for information.
  2. Preview the established Audition Dates to determine times that work for you.
    • Note: If you live more than 300 miles from Bethel, a video recording may be submitted by March 28th. Please email a completed Audition Application Form with a digital link to your online audition to OR mail the completed form with your audition on DVD to: Bethel College/Music Department/1001 Bethel Circle, Mishawaka, IN 46545-5591.
  3. Call the Music Department at 574.807.7575 to reserve an audition time. Any questions you have can be answered at that time. We will need to konw of you accompanist needs. (We usually provide an accompanist but you may bring your own. We also can arrange to have a CD player available but only piano accompaniments are acceptable.
  4. Print off an Audition Application Form and bring the completed form with you to your audition.
  5. See specific instructions below for singers and instrumentalists to prepare for your audition.
  6. The day of your audition, please arrive early at the Music Office (FA120) in the Everest-Rohrer Fine Arts Building at the east end of the campus. Parking is available in the adjacent parking lot. After entering the main front entrance take the elevator/stairs to the lower level. The Music Office is at the far end of the hallway.
  7. Auditions usually take 15 minutes with actual performance time about 10 minutes. Please plan to stay an extra 20-30 minutes to complete a theory placement assessment.

Specifics for Singers

  1. Please be prepared to perform two selections displaying contrasting styles. These should display a variety of tempo and dynamics, as well as demonstrate your ability and range. Memorized performances are preferred. If you plan to major, include at least one classical song. Total performance time should not exceed 10 minutes.
  2. There will be a brief ear training exercise. You will be asked to match pitches and sing back short musical phrases (three to five notes long). We will also check your range.
  3. If you play an instrument as well, please bring a piece which will display your skill. We will listen to two vocal solos and part of your instrumental selection.
  4. Bring one copy of each piece for the accompanist.

Specifics for Instrumentalists and Pianists

  1. Bring two pieces to play and supply one score for the faculty to follow. Instrumentalists are not required to perform by memory.
  2. If you play more than one instrument or sing, please bring an extra piece to demonstrate your skill.
  3. Bring one copy of each piece for the accompanist.

Scholarship Recipient Responsibilities

  1. You will receive a letter in the mail from the Music Department outlining your scholarship status and requirements. Your signature of acceptance must be returned to the music department to finalize the scholarship process. The designated scholarship amount will appear as a credit on your Bethel statement in two portions, one-half each semester.
  2. If you accept a scholarship from the Music Department you will need to:
    • Take private lessons
    • Be part of a large ensemble or ensembles (as indicated in your letter)
    • Keep a 2.5 GPA in music and a 2.0 GPA overall.
    • Scholarship amounts continue for four years, if student responsibilities are met.