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Academic Programs

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bethel College School of Nursing is to offer high quality associate, baccalaureate, and master's programs in a Christ-centered academic environment that provide graduates with the knowledge, values and skills necessary to care for clients holistically. Our graduates are prepared to embrace a commitment to life-long learning, professional development and service.


The philosophy of the Bethel College School of Nursing is in accordance with the Christian beliefs, objectives and values-based education of Bethel College. The philosophy is based on the metaparadigm of nursing (person, environment, health and nursing) and includes the faculty’s beliefs about nursing education. Under each of the concepts, specific sub-concepts selected for emphasis are interwoven through the curriculum. The concept person includes the sub-concepts of culture and spirituality. Environment includes family and community. Health includes the wellness-illness continuum and health promotion. Nursing includes the sub-concepts of critical thinking, communication, therapeutic nursing interventions, nursing process, professional behaviors, teaching-learning, research, theories and management.