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Academic Programs



The purpose of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program is to prepare graduates in a Christian liberal arts setting with a broad foundation in the sciences and humanities who are able to provide therapeutic nursing interventions to individuals, families, groups and communities in diverse health care settings. The BSN graduate is prepared to synthesize theory and research-based knowledge in the provision of primary, secondary and tertiary care to function in the roles of provider of care, designer/manager/coordinator of care and member within the profession of nursing. Integral components of baccalaureate nursing education are the development of critical thought processes including creative problem solving when making clinical decisions, integration of leadership concepts and skills in the delivery of care to individuals and groups, evaluation of research for use in nursing practice and implementation of health promotion in planning health care for individuals, families, groups and communities. The BSN graduate is expected to demonstrate respect for life, a loving concern for individuals and an appreciation of the need for ongoing education in nursing. The BSN graduate has a foundation for graduate education in nursing.

BSN Program

Bethel's BSN program consists of 126 hours of course work. A portion of this may be completed by transfer credit from accredited colleges or universities and by standardized national exams. The program includes two semesters of preparatory work, at the end of which the student applies to the nursing program. The nursing portion of the program is six semesters in length. A physical examination, immunizations, criminal background check, drug screen and completion of a CPR course are required prior to beginning clinical courses.

Course of Study

Freshman First Semester
Year ENGL 101 Written Communication II 3
  THEO 110 Explor. Christ. Faith 3
  BIOL 214 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
  PSYC 182 General Psychology 3
  NURS 124 Nursing Perspectives 1
  CAPP   College Level Computer Course 3
Second Semester
  BIOL 215 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
  CHEM 150 Intro. General/Organic/Biochemistry 4
  PHIL 150 Logics & Critical Thinking 2
  PSYC 288 Life Span Development 3
  COMM 171 Speech Communication 3
Sophomore Third Semester
Year NUR 231 Nursing Fundamentals 6
  BIOL 312 Microbiology 4
  NS 211 Nutrition 3
  SOC 151 Principles of Sociology 3
  Fourth Semester
  NUR 232 Nursing of Individuals 8
  NUR 220 Health Assessment 3
  NUR 224 Pharmacology 3
  NUR 227 Introduction to Community-based Care 1
Junior Year Fifth Semester
  NUR 315 Nursing of Children and their Families 4
  NUR 313 Nursing of Mental Health Issues in Families 4
  NUR 322 Nursing Theory 3
  BIBL 215 Old Testament Literature
  BIBL 216 New Testament Literature 3
  Elective Nursing or General Elective 3
  Sixth Semester
  NUR 317 Nursing of Maternal/Infant Families 4
  NUR 316 Nursing of the Critically Ill and Their families 4
  NUR 323 Nursing Issues 3
  MATH 111 Basic Probability & Statistics 3
  NUR 425 Nursing Care and Health Promotion of Older Adult 2
Senior Year Seventh Semester
  NUR 411 Nursing in the Community 7
  NUR 422a Nursing Research I 3
  ELECTIVE Economics/History/Social Science Elective 3
  PHIL 452 Senior Experience 1
  Eighth Semester
  NUR 413 Nursing Management 7
  NUR 423a Nursing Research II 1
  ELECTIVE Nursing or General Elective 3
  ELECTIVE Art/Drama/Literature/Music Elective 3
  NUR 426 Clinical Problem Solving 1