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Joanna Moore BSN

Joanna Moore

I am Joanna Moore and I am a Captain in the United States Air Force Nurse Corps. I graduated from Bethel College in May 2004 with a BSN degree. I tried nursing in a civilian hospital for a year after graduation and felt like I wanted something different. I heard about Flight Nursing in the Air Force and became interested in what a career in military nursing could offer. I commissioned as an active duty officer in the Air Force in the fall of 2005.

Since joining the Air Force, I have had the opportunity to use my nursing skills in a variety of settings. I have served as a Bone Marrow Transplant/ Hematology–Oncology Nurse at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas and am currently stationed at Ramstein Air Base, Germany as a Flight Nurse.

While stationed in Texas, I deployed to Balad Air Base, Iraq during the summer of 2007 and worked on the Intermediate Care Ward at the theatre hospital there. I cared for injured Americans and Iraqis with a variety of injuries including burns, IED blast injuries, and amputations.

As a Flight Nurse, I have flown to locations including Poland, England, Italy, Romania, Haiti, and Djibouti, Africa to pick up patients that require more medical care than their current location can give them. We fly on the C–130, C–17, C–21, and KC–135 and have been trained to configure the aircraft oxygen and electrical systems so that we can provide hospital-grade care in the air. I have deployed downrange and flown into Iraq and Afghanistan to transport injured troops to the highest level of medical care to give them the best chance of recovery.

I find my career path exceptionally rewarding and challenging. I am constantly challenged by taking care of a wide range of injuries in many different locations. My nursing degree from Bethel College gave me a solid foundation in basic nursing skills, enabling me to branch out into specialized areas of nursing with confidence. I am so thankful for my Bethel College nursing degree and the doors of opportunity it has opened for me. If you are interested in a nursing career in the military, contact a nursing recruiter in your area to find out more information.