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Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

I’ve known since I was a young girl that I wanted to do full–time missions. This desire led me to enroll in Bethel’s nursing program, as nursing opens doors to share the Gospel around the world. Being at Bethel really helped prepare me not only to provide for people’s physical needs, but also to touch their spiritual needs and to share the love and message of Jesus with them.

I currently live in southern Mexico and work with another RN and a public health worker (my husband). For us, nursing has been a bridge to open doors into communities that would not be open to outsiders or the Gospel. We’ve been offering services including diabetes maintenance clinics and eye glass clinics, which gave us entrance into a couple villages. Through the nursing work, we got to know some local believers who are hungry to be discipled and to learn more about leading the small gathering of believers there.

One of the biggest challenges in the work has been figuring out how to make it most strategic. In Mexico, there is a high demand for our free nursing work and we of course only have a limited supply of time and resources so we have to decide how to best use them. Again, we see our nursing work primarily as a bridge to build relationships in closed villages and to establish a context through which to introduce people to Christ, so we try to work in ways that will give us the best chance of making an eternal impact.