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Academic Programs

Life Sciences

Department of Physical Sciences

Mission statement

Our purpose is:

  • To use the process of science to explore, investigate and discover the natural and empirical aspects of creation
  • To promote the application of learning to engineering, chemistry, medical sciences, and other fields
  • To glorify God by using His creation to know him and make him known.

Our goal is that students should be able to:

  • Gain the skills needed to understand and evaluate natural phenomena
  • Develop critical thinking skills, applying them to solving real-world problems
  • Be competent at investigative methods, instrumental techniques and analysis of data
  • Explore the relationship between Christian faith and the physical sciences
  • Be empowered with a sense of understanding, ownership and responsibility that promotes a lifelong learning process of application and discovery
  • Be empowered with, professional job skills, graduate school capabilities, or skills to join an engineering program.