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Academic Programs

Department of Psychology

The psychology department of Bethel College is committed to the mission of the institution. We affirm our Christian responsibility to be a witness and participant in the discipline and in the contemporary world. In light of the college’s mission, the psychology program has set as its goal to challenge the mind, to enlarge the vision, and to equip the student for lifelong service.

Program Goals

  • Students will be prepared for graduate study. This preparation will include a knowledge base in the psychology, analytical and critical thinking skills, and study/research skills.
  • Students will develop interpersonal skills necessary for professional careers, including oral and written communication and an understanding of human behavior.
  • Students will learn how to integrate their knowledge of Psychology with Evangelical Christian faith.
  • Students will develop a “World Christian” perspective, which means they develop the ability to work in cross-cultural settings, as well as understanding how their lives and ministries fit into world missions.