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Academic Programs


One of the critical components to achieving success in graduate school or in a professional career after graduation is having high quality, real-world experience before graduation. Our psychology students have a wide variety of placement opportunities to choose from in fulfilling their internship requirements.


An internship experience within business, social service or law enforcement agencies is required of our majors. Learning experiences may be arranged in a metropolitan or cross-cultural setting.  The internship experience in psychology is designed as a special opportunity for students to enhance their learning in their field of study.  This requires that the student have some background classes in the area in which s/he is trying to experience and learn. To accomplish this goal, students need to intentionally create and plan an experience that will help them to better understand their field.  Each student in this discipline must complete at least 3 credit hours (1 credit hour for each 50 hours of work).

Sample list of past placements –

Placements are personalized based on a student’s particular interests. Here are a few local examples; however, arrangements can be made nationally as well as internationally. 

Testimonials from students

My internship experience challenged my limited view of what psychology in "the real world" was. While working at on the pediatric floor of a local hospital, I learned that there are many ways to encourage and engaged children in stressful situations. I also realized that sometimes it was just the little things to help comfort others that made a big difference.— Kate Bishop
Being an intern at The Antioch Group (Illinois) was an amazing experience. The opportunity to learn from counselors in a Christian Counseling setting was invaluable. It was wonderful to see what the daily life of a counselor is like and it made me even more confidant of what I want to do.— Charity Lane
My internship experience at Ivy Tech Community College (South Bend, IN) will be with me for the rest of my life. It was very valuable in networking opportunities and connecting with a population I will work with in the future.— Kelly Miller
When I first came to Bethel, I never dreamed that my internship in psychology would take me across the world to Beijing, China. . . When I brought the idea to Professor Cara Campbell, the psychology department's internship coordinator, she was excited about the opportunity and I believe her exact words were, "Let's make it happen!" . . . Loving and investing in the lives of the orphans at New Day, all of whom had been abandoned due to their medical disabilities, opened my eyes to the miracle of adoption that offers new life and hope to children whose future would otherwise be bleak and grim. . . I also left with direction for my future as God helped me become aware of my special interest in working with orphans and adoption. . . I am so thankful that being a student in Bethel's psychology department allowed me to have the experience of serving orphans in China for my internship. It helped me grow into who I am today and I will never be the same.— Katie Cline
Spending the summer at the Swanson Center allowed me to see and participate in a wide range of human services including addictions group therapy, domestic violence group therapy, child and adult day treatments, and residential care. I was able to see how important every person is in people-helping professions, from the secretaries to the psychologists. It was an incredible and eye-opening experience!— Sara Hullings

Testimonials from the Supervisors:


Alicia was a great intern to have around.  One of the few interns we have had here that worked well. Had no problems and she has a job here if she has an interest in corrections.— Elkhart County Jail
We will miss Alena – she made the forensic investigative process easier on many children.— The CASIE Center
Melissa will be a wonderful asset to any organization.  It is my hope that one day she will come to our agency seeking employment. We could not have asked for a more attentive and dependable intern.— Family and Children’s Center
Rebecca was a great asset to our detox staff.— Life Treatment Centers
Lindy performed very well! She is a very competent young woman.— St. Margaret’s House (This facility has hired Lindy on a part time basis as a result of her internship.)
Jessica was a great addition to the CASIE Center.  She went above and beyond the required hours and many times helped out with lots of kids on some truly hectic days. While our work is often very difficult she always handled things with a smile and a positive attitude.— CASIE Center
Deanna demonstrated incredible initiative that was beyond the majority of students who do an undergraduate placement. That initiative was evident in both projects as well as moving into teams and other learning situations.— Oaklawn
Cory will be a great asset wherever he ends up. He was reliable, conscientious, and a very interested learner.— CASIE Center
Stephanie was excellent. She cannot be replaced.— Pet Refuge
RVBH (River Valley Behavioral Hospital, KY) benefited from having Naomi for the summer.  She was very pleasant to work with and most of all, our patients liked her.— RVBH
We would invite back and rehire Stephanie if she ever chose to return.— Wilderness Quest
Katie brought her ‘total’ self to the job. She is an exceptionally responsible person. (and a genuine happy person).— Chiara Home