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Psychology Club

A Message from the President

Hello, my name is Ashlyn Orlosky and I am Bethel College's Psychology Club (BCPC) president for the year. I am a senior psychology major with minors in missions and family studies. I am excited for the year as we learn, serve, and grow as a Psych community. A major goal of the group is to integrate psychology with theology, and we will pursue this goal in a number of ways. Throughout the year we will have several speakers attend our meetings and share their personal experiences with psychology. Speakers present us with the opportunity to learn how we can continue to benefit others through applying the field of psychology. The club also seeks to aid the community through various service projects throughout the year. Actively pursuing service projects within the Mishawaka/South Bend area allows us to not only help the community, but also to glimpse Christ's heart for servitude. BCPC is a group that emphasizes the need for fellowship, this means we get to have the occasional pot-luck dinner or game night. These events help us draw closer to each other as a group. The Psych club community extends beyond just majors; it is for any students or faculty interested in learning more about the world through a faith based psychological lens. I am looking forward to another great year of BCPC and hope to see you there!

Ashlyn Orlosky
BCPC President


  • We are a student led organization open to all students on Bethel College's campus - specifically psychology majors or minors.
  • Our club highlights the importance of Christ-like fellowship between and amongst psychology majors/minors and psychology professors.
  • We want to discover ways of integrating Christianity into the fields of psychology.
  • Our club provides students the opportunity to demonstrate leadership.
  • We encourage students to be active members of the community by committing time to a charitable organization.
  • We want to enhance our knowledge of psychology and psychological fields through information and hearing from speakers in the field.
  • We provide support to club members in how to approach psychology courses as well as graduate school.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information - thanks again, and hope to meet you soon. Check us out on facebook too.

Psychology Club Constitution