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Academic Programs

What is Biblical Studies?

For those interested in learning God's Word for teaching and preaching, Bethel College has a program to match: the Biblical Studies Major. The Biblical Studies Major offers the student an intensive and rigorous program to foster a love of the Scriptures and a competence for interpretation and application in the life of the church. God's Word has been given to us through multiple authors, languages, literary forms, cultures and across diverse historical circumstances and geographical settings. Furthermore, there are many methods and approaches by which the Scriptures may be interpreted. Therefore, the Biblical Studies Major has been carefully designed to develop a fundamental competency in biblical history, literature, interpretive methods and theology. Contemporary critical methodology is taught, engaged and evaluated. A number of Biblical Hebrew and Greek courses have been designed to facilitate the careful exegesis of Scripture. Opportunities abound for grasping biblical history, geography, and archeology through annual trips to the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago and possible trips to and study in Israel. Furthermore, the inspiration, authority and unity of God's Revelation is affirmed with the aim of articulating a vital biblical theology. Finally, the Biblical Studies Major offers tremendous cross-curricular flexibility with many elective hours and thus welcomes students who want to pursue the benefits of a double major with Philosophy, Literature, or any other compatible field of study. The professors in the Biblical Studies Division at Bethel College are committed to the integration of intensive study of the Bible and personal devotional study in the context of ministry within Christ's church body.