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Academic Programs

Christian Ministries

The Christian Ministries program is designed for the person considering pastoralministry or a similar full timeministry(sometimes called a para-church ministry) for his or her life's calling.

The primary emphasis of the degree is service-service to the Church and to the world through the Church. One who serves must know how to serve effectively; hence there are courses in applied theology. Among these are Homiletics and Theory and Practice of Pastoral Care. Other courses are designed to provide tools for effective ministry, such as Biblical Interpretation and Exegesis in the Biblical languages. The student must also know the world in which the service will be performed; hence there is a broad liberal arts element in the course of studies.

The B. A. in Christian Ministries is designed as a terminal degree, although many who complete it will do further study, such as seminary or a similar advanced degree in Bible, theology or related subjects. Students who have graduated from Bethel College in the past with a degree in Christian Ministries have reported that their studies here gave them an adequate foundation on which to build a graduate degree program.

If God has called you to ministry, or if you want to "test" a call to ministry, then Bethel is the place to be.