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Cristian Mihut

Cristian Mihut
  • Title Assistant Professor of Philosophy
  • Work Phone 574.807.7145
  • Office Administration Building, Room 306 1001 Bethel Circle Mishawaka IN 46545 USA EST

Cristian Florin Mihut graduated from Bethel College in 1997 with a double major in Mathematics and Biblical Studies. He then earned an M.A. in Philosophy from Texas A&M University (1999) and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame (2009). His dissertation explores the applicability of the concept of "narrative" to moral agency. His research interests include contemporary moral philosophy, meta-ethics, phenomenology, philosophy of emotion, and philosophy of religion.

Cristian has presented papers at various academic conferences and is currently working on two main research projects.  The first one traces the genealogy of current notions of forgiveness to diverse Judaic and Christian roots.  The second focuses on exploring the extent to which a moral psychology grounded in mercy undermines contemporary and classical models of practical rationality.

Cristian loves experimenting with strategies for making philosophy fun and meaningful to students.  To this end he borrows shamelessly from the most talented pedagogues in the Bethel community, or else he domesticates wild concepts and abstract ideas by making them dance to the tunes of his guitar.    

Cristian enjoys watching reruns of "The Office" with his wife Andrea, and making cold coffees late at night with her. Cristian also takes great delight in his four children, Hannah, Alexandra, Jordan, and Ethan. The five of them are loyal fans of the Grateful Dead Sea Scrolls, the church softball team on which Andrea plays second base. Cristian hopes he will be remembered by his children as their first gymnastics trainer and soccer coach.  Since 1999 Cristian and Andrea have been attending the South Bend Christian Reformed Church, where they have had the opportunity to serve in various roles and capacities. They have been particularly blessed to be part of Christian "intentional communities."

While at Bethel College, Christian was a winner of the Ronald Paulsen Award, the school's highest athletic honor. He occasionally still plays soccer with a group of faculty and graduate students at Notre Dame, and plays futsal regularly on concrete with his valiant friends at Keller Park Missionary Church. 

For a glimpse of Cristian's former life in Romania, see his article "When I Was a Child"