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Youth Ministry

youth studentsIf you’re looking for an exciting, practical, Christ-centered YMN program, then you have to see what’s going on at Bethel College! The YMN major at Bethel is a program with a rare combination of expertise, experience and enthusiasm. Everything we do is designed to help men and women grow in their thinking, practical skills and commitment to Christ so that they can serve effectively as youth workers in a variety of settings and capacities. Students in the YMN program are grounded in biblical truth, reflective thinking about strategic youth ministry, "hands-on" practical experience in a variety of area Youth Ministries, adolescent development expertise and a multicultural awareness in issues of diversity and culture.

Youth ministry students at Bethel can take advantage of a wide range of opportunities for study and experiences. Within the structures of various courses, students can focus their studies on youth ministry in church, para-church, urban and international settings. With Bethel’s connection to the Missionary Church, area Young Life clubs, urban ministry at The Olive Branch Mission and the Christian Center for Urban Studies in Chicago, and strong International Studies program, the opportunities are numerous and diverse.

teaching youthA unique quality of Bethel College is the multicultural awareness that exists on campus especially in the YM program. Traditionally a field that focuses on suburban or rural settings, the YM program at Bethel recognizes the diversity that exists in youth culture today. While grounded in theological bedrock, there are unique aspects to ministry in the city, other countries and cultures, nontraditional settings and within parachurch approaches. While most students are preparing for youth ministry within the local church context, many have a heart for urban ministry. Bethel’s unique location (in the Mishawaka/South Bend community) and affiliations with urban ministries help train students for such ministry opportunities.

To see what’s going on here, we invite you to come and visit. Get to know the faculty and students here and see what God is doing at Bethel College.